"Thanks so much for (the Rescue Rewards) program. It was a big reason we chose Hale in the first place. Thanks again, we love the door."
- Pat O. -- Tucson, Arizona
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Abe Fabela, Manager of Pima Pet Doors

Get Your Pet Door Installed in the Best Place in Your Home for Your Best Friend

When Pima Pet Doors installs your dog door, you won’t be limited to putting a pet door in your door. There are many options for placing your dog door –

Wall Doggy Doors for the Greatest Energy Efficiency

With a wall dog door that has double flaps, you’ll have energy efficiency that is comparable to your window. Because the pet door has a smaller opening than your entry door, and the flaps fasten closed as soon as your pet goes through, the wall dog door can be an energy saver for your home.

Wall dog doors can be installed in every type of wall: frame with siding or stucco, block, brick and even poured concrete.

Door Pet Doors when You Want Your Pet to Use Your Entrance

Because your entry is set up inside and out, your door can be the best place for your doggie door. Door pet doors can be installed in every type of door: wood, metal, fiberglass, storm/security or true French (multi-lite) doors.

When you have an energy efficient, double flap pet door installed in your door, you’ll be letting less outside air into your home than when you open your people door to let your best friend out and back in again.

Screen Dog Doors So You Can Enjoy the Fresh Air

When the weather is nice, you like to leave your door open with just the screen between you and the great outdoors. Just when you get comfortable, your dog wants to go out. With a screen pet door, you can enjoy the breeze while your best friend enjoys his freedom to come and go as he pleases.

In-Glass Dog Doors Give the Clearest View Possible

When the best place for your pet door is in your sliding glass patio door, you can have an In-Glass Pet Door installed. Because the tempered glass of your slider can’t be cut without shattering, you’ll get new glass that has been cut for the dog door then tempered.

You’ll keep your existing glass, so if ever you want to move, and the new owners don’t want the pet door you can have the original glass re-installed.

Security Barriers, Ramps and Flaps – Oh My!

Security Barriers are a good way to keep prying eyes from knowing that you have a pet door. These attractive “dog houses” provide another layer of insulation against the elements as well.

If your pet needs help to get to the right level to use the pet door, a ramp can make all the difference in her willingness to use the door. Sometimes when short-legged dogs get older, steps can become difficult, so a pet ramp may help them get in and out of the house.

Flaps are the moving parts of pet doors, so they need to be replaced from time to time. If you have a Hale Pet Door or other dog door that provides replacement flaps, Pima Pet Doors can help you renew your pet door.

Professional Installation by Veterans

All of Pima Pet Doors’ installers are Armed Forces veterans who have clean background checks and no criminal records. They are highly skilled Craftsmen who have experience in building homes across Southern Arizona.

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